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This is a straight-jacket wedding gown. It has a veil made out of a wedding fountain with workable lights and a topper of a bride and groom in a dollhouse electric chair (yes they make these!). It is adorned with paper clay flowers and beads. The straightjacket has battery cables, torched silk roses, a heart cage with the bouquet in the back, and locks of course. The model is wearing a zipper with lipstick and askew heart contacts with glittered running mascara and rosebush eyelashes. First prize and sold to the Manneqart foundation.
The meanings to this piece can be multiple, from abuse to entrapment. Actually, the piece began as I studied the life of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary. An evil woman of the 16th century, she believed virgin blood made her look younger so she invented the iron maiden to slowly bleed over 350 peasant girls and bath in their blood. She was not stopped until she murdered a nobleman's daughter.

Committed (face detail)
Committed (face detail)