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When I started this piece, 2015 seemed completely confusing to me with racial tension, opposition to gender reassignment, role models questioned, and everything being pulled at the seams. I didn't really want to be human. I wanted to hide. Yet, I wanted to create something of beauty that could live outside of what we know. With this piece I was thinking about creating a moving, wearable sculpture that would be without gender,age,or race. I wanted to create it so that it would difficult to decipher where an appendage begins and where it ends. It was constructed out of 400 yards of red tulle and the "geodes" are paper mache, plastic crystals and broken ornaments.
I am planning on making a series of different works in this direction for a performance.

wearable art for dance and performance
OMGeode! A Diamond in the Fluff: That's Tutu Much!