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Encapsulated Memories

This site specific piece was for Northern Illinois University's exhibit Hoarding, Amass and Excess. It addressed the fascinating yet confusing nature of our time in history.What would future generations think about our society it they found a piece of this time capsule? With the seemingly light speed progression of technology, our culture of celebrity, and a twenty four hour news cycle- we are overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of choice. While the installation referenced our culture as a whole, I also included personal treasured and non- treasured items from my childhood to present, mementos from people in the DeKalb community, along with trash picked up around NIU. I arranged these elements using a vacuum sealer (commonly used for food storage), preserving them for posterity's sake. A motion activated sound track of Siri, Miley Cyrus, viral audio sensations and vintage commercials in a mix accompanied the experience.